The Web SDK QuickView application has three main zones. On the right is the map window, which displays a map and provides navigation controls. Along the top is the top bar, which contains several buttons. On the left is the side panel, which provides much of the core functionality of the QuickView application.


Web SDK QuickView

Map Window


The map window is used to view and interact with any layers you add to your map. Controls for navigating and interacting with the map can be found on the left side of the map window.

Map Controls

  Name Description
../../_images/zoomin.png Zoom in Increases the zoom level of the map.
../../_images/zoomout.png Zoom out Decreases the zoom level of the map.
../../_images/geolocation.png GeoLocation Toggles an indicator showing your current position.
../../_images/zoomextent.png Zoom to initial extent Zoom to the extent of the map when it was first opened.
../../_images/3d.png Toggle 3D View Toggle between the default 2D display and a 3D display. Certain functions are not available in 3D mode.

Top Bar


The top bar contains several buttons which control how you interact with the map.

Name Description
Load Loads a saved map from the browser’s local storage. The current map will be lost.
Save Saves a map to the browser’s local storage. This will overwrite any previously saved map.
Measure Use the cursor to draw lines or polygons for measuring distance or area.
Toggle 3D View Use the cursor to select layer features based on a rectangular bounding box.
Navigation Use the cursor to pan the map. Enabled by default.
Login Enter your GeoServer credentials to log into the local geoserver, in order to enable administrative functionality such as editing.

Side Panel


The side panel consists of four tabs, each providing a different function. Clicking on the tab name will switch the panel to that tab. Refer to the following sections for more details on each tab.

Name Description
Layers Add, remove, and reorder layers
Legend View the map legend
Table View and search feature info for each layer.
Edit Add, remove, or modify features for each layer.